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My PS2 missing list

Playstation 1 Cover Archive (thumbnails only)

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Kirkland's Manual Labor

Atari 2600 Missing manuals

Because everyone needs a hobby...

My backup of RaiRai's Japanese Super Famicom release list

My outdated online version of Sam Pettus' Genesis Game Guide

Amazingly old pic of the dungeon.. I've been busy :P

And because you didn't have anything on your reading list...
A Tension Span - The Greek Recipe (pdf)
It's been 25 years, so I'm assuming some statute of limitations has expired...

It's painfully in chronological order, so it starts slow with my first scribblings in Jr. High...
skip to page 60 to start my Junior year in high school
skip to page 128 because you can't handle my world-class free association (which was 52-59, then 96-107) :P
skip to page 180 because I started getting "deep" in college
skip to page 210 because I went "dark" when my first marriage fell apart
skip to page 240 because I got over it
(that's where I really hit my stride on writing)
skip to page 290 because it's one of my favorites
or skip to 356 because it's the vows I wrote for Trudy when we got married.
I set the bar high.